VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

Between Dedicated and Shared Hosting sits VPS. When you opt for a Virtual Private Server, it means other websites will be hosted on the same server as yours – but you’ll each be allocated your own resources including storage, RAM, bandwidth and operating systems. With VPS hosting you can enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server at an affordable price. It’s the best of both worlds, allowing you to have complete control over your user experience for less.

VPS Hosting Features :

  • Completely Customizable
  • Powerful VPS Security
  • Incredibly Fast
  • 24/7 Live Support

Completely Customizable :

No matter your level of tech-savviness, your VPS comes customized. Choose your Operating System (Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian), gain root access to your server, and decide if you want a control panel (cPanel) installed.

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Powerful VPS Security:

Thanks to our state-of-the-art hardware, software firewalls, and internal security package, your virtual hosting environment remains in safe hands. For further peace of mind, enjoy routine server backups.

Incredibly Fast:

Pure Solid-State Drive (SSD) means you’re looking at 20X faster storage over traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD), which are preferred by VPS competitors. This results in significant improvements to your website’s performance, speed and loading times.

24/7 Live Support :

If you’ve got questions, want to discuss your custom VPS options or upgrade your level of server VPS management, we’re here for you—round the clock.

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